Monday, July 8, 2019

Finally finding time to stream games online again through Steam, so if you are interested in supporting my stream or just reading my review on games, you are in the right place. I am not a first-person shooter or multiplayer gamer but I can entertain you with some adventure, JRPG, and horror. I have a love for horror games but sometimes I do not show it depending on who is around. I enjoy searching when I am playing any kind of games but there are people who get impatient with the way I do things. It’s fine. If you do not like watching a player who smells the roses, drop by my YouTube channel for the highlights.

I will begin my horror streams starting tomorrow and probably start doing it routinely so if you want to follow, hit the follow button for the update or just head on over to my social media to find me. That's all I have for now. This page is fairly new so I am just writing this to fill the emptiness.

Come watch me play Visage Chapter Two at


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