Thursday, July 25, 2019

Philly, We Have A Problem

If you have not followed me on Twitch or Twitter, you would not understand why this page has been empty.

My plan was to add streaming to one of my to-do list of online talents but after purchasing thousands of dollars on consoles and games, the consoles are never available at my convenience, so the only system that I have to work with is my PC, but my PC is not gamer-friendly. I am running on

I have a lot of editing software for creating content so running OBS or stream lab while actively on a webcam and playing a game, is not ideal on this machine of mine. I do put her through a lot.

Although I can record my gameplay and upload it to YouTube, my followers on Twitch told me no because they want to interact and have some fun too. That's fine by me but what am I suppose to do then?

I figured it out! I forgot that I can merge partition on the Windows 10 and I forgot that I just recently purchased a new SD card on Amazon Prime Day.

Do I dare mount the beast? Oh yes. She's purring now. Of course, she's running smoothly when I'm not broadcasting. Let's find out if she will do well during a test broadcast.

Back From Test Stream

It did not go well, so I have concluded that the only way I can share any gaming experience now is to either purchase a better system, wait for my consoles to be available, or just record my gameplay and post it up. I'll go with the third option.


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